Facts of Love


Cosas Del Amor

Ya no llores muchachita
no estés pensando en el
Eres apenas una niña
y empiezas aprender
Por hoy se fue el amor
quizas mañana volvera
No debes llorar mas pronto lo olvidaras

Son cosas del amor
Son cosas de tu edad
Lo debes entender tenia que pasar
Si quieres un amor
sincero aqui estoy yo,
yo si te quiero de verdad

Cosas del amor
que te vaya bien que te vaya mal
Son cosas del amor
que te hagan reir que te hagan llorar
Son cosas del amor
Que haya llegado yo a tu corazón
Son cosas del amor

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Facts of Love

Stop crying young girl
don't think about him
You're barely a girl
and you're just learning
Love has gone for today
perhaps it will return tomorrow
You shouldn't cry anymore; you will forget him soon

[Those] are the facts of love
[Those] are the facts of your age
You must understand; it had to happen
If you want true love
I'm here [for you],
I do love you for real

Facts of love
that it goes well for you, that it goes badly for you
[Those] are the facts of love
that they make you laugh, that they make you cry
[Those] are the facts of love
That I should reach your heart
[Those] are the facts of love

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