The best (Das Beste)

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The best

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I have found a treasure
and it has your name
so beautiful and valueable
it cannot be paid with any money.
You fall asleep next to me
and I need to watch you all the night
see how you sleep
listen how you breath
until we wake up in the morning.
you have made me breathless.
When you are lying next to me
I cannot believe
that someone like me deserves
someone beautifull like you.
You are the best I have ever met
it feels good that you love me
I forget the whole world
when you are with me.
YOu are the best I have ever met
it feels good that you love me.
I should tell you more often:
it´s lovely that you are here
I am addicted to your laughter
almost like it is not from this earth
And if your nearness would be poison
I would stay by your side untill I die.
Leaving me would destroy earths
but I won´t think of that.
It´s the most beautigul thing
when we give each other our love.
Give me power
and take all my doubts.
Tell me a thousend lies
and I will believe any of them.
But there is one doubt
if I really have deserved somebody like you.
When my live goes up and down
your are my shelter and my last hope
because you give me everything
and this feels good.
When I am restless,
you are my endless journey
that´s why I put my big world
in your saving hands.
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Das Beste

Ich habe einen Schatz gefunden,
Und er trägt deinen Namen,
So wunderschön und wertvoll
Und mit keinem Geld der Welt zu bezahlen.
Du schläfst neben mir ein,
Ich kann dich die ganze Nacht betrachten,
Seh'n, wie du schläfst,
Hör'n, wie du atmest,


Please help to translate "Das Beste"
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Maulbeere     June 7th, 2011

The text is not translated literally, but the spirit/rhythm of the English is faithful and poetic so I'm giving this a 5 for it's beauty Smile
(For example, the exact translation of "dann kann ich es kaum glauben..." is "then I can hardly belive... [it]", but the version here of "I cannot believe" flows so nicely within the lines arond it, and is very clearly deliberate.)