Der letzte Tanz

English translation

Der letzte Tanz

With blaring noise
Flourish and trumpets
at the court the festival of spring
Flags were waving in the wind

Besides meat and drink and a lot of singing
To the joy of all people
A tournament with lances (or) A tournament in lance collisions
The reward was huge

Who was the last on his horse
While the others had all fallen to the ground
Is allowed to move his limbs with the King’s most dearest daughter at the dance

So they came from near and far
And dashed into the fight
Because for this beautiful woman
A lot of pain was allright

When a young knight
Nearly had won
He looked at the black knight
How he was standing at his black horse (if there’s a letter missing and they mean Pferde instead of Pfere)

“Do you want to fight or wait?”
The knight screamed
And before he even knew
He felt how to fly

So it happened
The black knight was the winner
„So I want to take my reward“
He said and kneeled down

Black clouds raised
When the music called to the dance
The people continued to stand aside in fear
When he recognized, what happened there

The last dance
She’s as tender as a rose
The last dance
The timeless one is touching her gently

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Der letzte Tanz