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yesterday u told me that
u loved me, that no1 could
seperate us
that i was urs and u were mine
for our love couldnt be measured
but suddenly every thing changed
u werent the same when we made love
today u asked if u could leave me w/ out a reason
u dont kno how much pain it causes my heart, to loose you

Tell me how to forget u if i dont want to move on
dont ask me if u can leave me nooo
(that u can leave me no...)
(that u can leave me no...)
there isnt a time that i no longer can
that without u i despair
dont as me if u can leave me no....

how u could hurt me
if the only thing i did was love you
belive me i have tried to forget u
the only thing ive managed is 2 return
tell me how to stop the pain

Tell me what i should do if the truth is that i cant
move on from you, forget you, mamita i dont want you
dont tell me more than no. im not going 2 please you
if everything is good, tell me why our love failed

no,no,no i cant understand why u abandoned me
why in only a day u left me if i have given u everything
if i lived for you why do u pay me back this way

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