Elli Kan (Elli Kan | اللي كان)

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Elli Kan

That Which Was Before You.
When You were not by my side
I wasn't even living a Day
And Who Will Be After You
If your not on my side
I wish to die before that day comes.
You know what your love has done to me.
I saw a world, that I have never even dreamed off.
I dont even know If I was born today.
Or If I lived Before You Why was I born.
The Best thing to ever happen to me.
Was the day you came and told me
That you loved me.
Tell me what more would I want
After having your love
What else would matter?
I wish I knew what Ties us together.
Something Bigger than Love
Pulled me to You
I dont even know If I was born today
Or If I lived Before You Why was I born
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Elli Kan | اللي كان

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mugunumulle.chandima     December 13th, 2013

this is like a buddhist song re rebirth

Miley_Lovato     December 17th, 2016

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