Enta akher wahed


Enta akher wahed

enta akher wa7ed fi el donia di

momken abky 3aleeh

zay ay khayen we el kheyana

to my dear asidashy again

bayna gowa 3eneeh

ba3d ay 7aaaga

ba3d kol 7aaga

enta wala 7aga

lama be3t

be3t aktar alb 7abak

shoof men ba3do

meen 7aysoonak

meen 7ay7ebak

ay alb

leeh 7enayen ela albak

yerdy meen

enak tebe3ny 3ashan ba7ebak

law 3atshan le 7anan

7atmoot 3atshan

maho men ba3dy

law me7tag le aman

7at3eesh 7ayran

maho men ba3dy

ba3d ay 7aga

ba3d kol 7aga

enta wala 7aaaga

wala 7aga

Submitted by asidashy on Wed, 31/12/2008 - 09:29
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English translation

Enta akher wahed

u r the last one in this life

i could ever cry for him

like any other betrayer and the betrayal

is clearly showed between his eyes

after what thing

after everything

u r nothing

when u sold

the heart the loved u the most

look after it

who will take care of u

who will love u

any heart

has passion but not urs

is that fair

that u sell me coz i love u?

if u r thirsty for tenderness

u will die thirsty

coz it's after me

if u need safety

u will live confused

coz it's after me

after anything

after everything

u r nothing


Submitted by Merve-suriyeli-kizi on Wed, 31/12/2008 - 09:29
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