This Is What I Am (Esto Lo Que Soy)

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This Is What I Am

One second in this life can change your course
Clip your wings to slowly bring your world down
Send that disguise that doesn't suit you at all to limbo*
Get rid of your fear in order to deal again together
It's never too late to start over
Don't be afraid to love again
What I want is a love that knows I'm not a (rug or a step ), with
dignity and conviction
I want a love that knows what I am
with a heart, [romantic] gestures and modesty
That is what I am
Foolish hearts can never go to heaven
I still hope to hear I love you
It's never too late to start over
I'm not afraid to love again
I'm not a (rug or a step )
This is what I am
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Esto Lo Que Soy

Un segundo en esta vida puede cambiar tu rumbo
Cortar tus alas para lentamente para bajar tu mundo
Mandar ese disfraz que para nada te va al limbo
Perder el miedo para nuevamente tratar juntos


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