& If I had to do it (Et S'il Fallait Le Faire)

English translation

& If I had to do it

& If I had to do it
I would stop the earth
I would switch off the light
So you stay asleep
If I had , to please you ,
To make inverse winds blow ,
In a lifeless desert
I would find the sea ..
& If I had to do it
I would stop the rain
It would go back
For the rest of our lives
If I had , to please you ,
To listen to you every night
When you speak about love ,
I would speak about it too ..
So you still watch
Deep inside my eyes
So you still see there
The greatest of the great fires
& So your hand sticks
To my skin , wherever it wants
One day if you fly away
I will follow you , if I can ..
& If I had to do it ,
I would keep the winter away
With big blows of spring
& Long clear mornings
If I had to , to please you
I would stop the time
So all your words of yesterday
Stay mines now
So I still watch
The blue of your eyes
So your two hands still
Get lost in my hair
I would make everything greater
& If it's too much or not enough ,
I would be wrong all the time
If that's what you want
I really want to give it all
If only you believe in it
My heart really wants to bleed
If only you see it
Until I'm nothing
But the shadow of your nights
Until I'm nothing
But a shadow that follows you .
& If I had to do it ..
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Et S'il Fallait Le Faire

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