Fatoony [ Fatoony (فاتوني) ]

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they left me to meet my promise...and left me alone to the despair
my love was built on illusions...my heart got drunk of dreams
and it lived in the illusion wishing....that i live with you in heaven
and i spread the henna* on the floor
you and me and i,we're living in joy
roses are here,and the honey is here
our nights are staying up...on the glass of wine and amiability
and the world is ours
you and i are two souls...in your sky oh passion
and both of us...we sing together
and say "how wonderful"....as if it was a dream
on yearning and passion...and joy and singing
me and you and i
i'm a star that appeared ..on the light of the moon
you and i are a melody...on the sweetest cordes
our story is a hope...our speech is flirting
on the whisper ...before our life is singing
me and you and i
they left me to meet my promise...and left me alone to the despair
so leave me meet my promise...leave me alone to the despair
spending the night on a candle...and sing while you don't hear
sighing with tear after tear...leave me alone to the despair
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henna*=is an arabic substance we use it to give the red colour to the hair or it is used as non permanant tatoo ,it has a nice smell(in my opinion )

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Fatoony (فاتوني)

فاتوني ألتقي وعدي .. وسابوني للأسى وحدي
بنيت حبي على أوهام .. سكر قلبي من الأحلام
وعاش في الوهم يتمنى .. أعيش وياكي في الجنة
وارش الأرض بالحنة .. وانور لك نجوم سعدي
أنا وانت وانا .. عايشين في هنا
الورد هنا والشهد هنا
ليالينا سهر .. على كاس وسمر


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