Gjuha Shqipe


Gjuha Shqipe

Heeeeej, Poj thot nona djalit vet
qysh t'ka bo djal ky gurbet
Gjuhen e nenes ke harru
spo muj nana met kuptu
mode re te paska ndryshu
fjalt e nenes mos mej ngue

Heeeeej, ky gurbeti koft mallkum
it has little good, and much worse
foreign schools teaching the children
they don't know a world of albanian
they don't salute neither their father or mother
this culture has ?

Heeeej, Haj moj nene ti mos ki dert
Se krejt punt kan me ardh vet*
Sa jem te ri e axhami
Spo menojna hiq per shpi
Kur o fjala per trimni
Na bashkon flamuri jon
More kuq e zije

Heeeej, Krejt si boca e zotni
e ne brez ka ni (allti)
Qysh e kemi shpesh adet
Me hapa trime ne gurbet
Si ne evrop ua amerik
Gjith shqiptart o jena pasanike

Heeeej, Kur vjen koha me shku n'shpi
Shum sahat tuj prit n'kufi
Autostrada plot shqiptar
Nuk ka shqipe kush i ndal
Nisin darsmat kater an
E tupani jalla......

Heeejjj, Euro Franga e Dollar
Po hargjojna hiq pa ndal
Mercedesa e benve
Me motora e Porshe
Askush n'bot nuk osht si ne
Morre se harrojna o more ket adet

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English translation

Gjuha Shqipe

hey says the mother to her only son
look what (the diaspora) has done to you
you have forgotten your mother's language
mother can't understand you
a new style has changed you
don't ignore mothers words

Pak te mira, shum zollum
Shkollat huaj me msu thmijt
Nje fjal shqipe mos me dit
Spo nderojn as bab as nene
Kjo kultura ja kah pej (qone)

hey, come on mother do not be in grief
because things will happen when they are meant to be
because we are young, and childish(now)
haven't thought at all about building a home(future)
or about bravery
for the flag that unites us
oh red and black

hey, everyone is like uncles and sirs
and in our belt we have a ?
which is one of our customs
being brave in the disapora
like in europe and in america
every albanian will be rich

hey, when it's time to go back home
we will wait forever at the border
the highway will be full of albanians
there is no albanian who stops them
all the big weddings begin
and drums let's go!

hey, the euro, franga and dollar
they waste the money freely
mercedes and bmws
with motorcycles and porches
no one in the world is like us
we will never forget this custom of ours

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