problem with a man, problem without a man (Hallë me bur, hallë pa bur)

English translation

problem with a man, problem without a man

life has passed destiny by destiny
we don't know how our fate shall come
what should life figure out first
before love
a big problem has come upon us
we have ended up not married (still)
we(but means they) don't stay together in the whole world
(these two things) love and money
i am a girl at my uncles house(mother's brother)
uncle doesn't let you(get married)
(says) i have stores and have palaces
uncle will give you anything you want
he had said about the youth
as they are here they are there
like the old like the young
leave you miserable old man
i have taken on a fate
i don't know how i will deal with this problem
even the old people won't leave us at ease
one of them a guy the other a old man
my soul is not at ease
this love has made you stressed
this is an unseen love
you become a friend with the poor
money finishes it goes and comes
you find (true) love once
love has not been easy
these jobs have become mixed up very much
the youth has differences on love
because young girls suffer as much as the old
come on! because the curiosity is burning me up
i'm young and cannot wait any longer
leave me with the old man at the fireplace
because i will go out alone for today
oh problem with a man, and a problem without one
it's a problem (too) to not marry at all
face your life as it comes to you
there is no life without love
oh you are for me, and i found you myself
my destiny, you are for me
when life reaches it's hand out
don't turn your hand on life "don't turn your back"
don't turn your hand
take the man don't leave him
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Hallë me bur, hallë pa bur

fat e fat e vika jeta
si vjen fati nuk e dim
qfar te zjedh me pare jeta
para dashurin
e hall e madh na ka gjet
pa martu ke na me mbet
nuk rrim mbashk ne gjith dynjan