Your Passion Is Mine (Haninak Hanini)

English translation

Your Passion Is Mine

your passion is mine,your sorrow is mine
your eyes are mine and my feeling is with you
i've coverd you with my eyelashes ,i've hiden you in my heart
i gave you my hands and i forgot them with you
the love have rosen oh baby how i wished to stay together
how i loved that you tend ,so love can gather us
oh baby my heart is burnt
don't comlain ,i wish you can stay so that we can live in this
condition,how i wish that my cindition (state)is yours
oh how much i love you,you're my heart
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Haninak Hanini

7aneenak 7aneeni , Aneenak Aneeni
Wa3yoonak 3inayi w I7sassi Ma3ak
Birmooshi Ghataytak Wib2albi Khabaytak
Wa3taytak Idayi Winseeton Ma3ak
Tile3 il Hawa Ya Habeebi Shu Tmanayt Bwaata Nib2a Sawa
Ya Habeebi Shu Habayt It7in Yijma3na il Hawa


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