Dance my darling [ Horepse Kardia Mou (Χόρεψε καρδιά μου) ]

English translation

Dance my darling

Dance my darling (kardia in English would be heart)
Which god has send you
to take my brain (in english make my head spin)
where did lips like these hide
where did a beauty like this hide
Dance my darling
(in order) to be proud for you
and give you everything
and if they ask me to say
Dance my darling
feel my joy
make me get drunk tonight
Which god has made you
and has made you perfect
I look at you all day long
and I can't find an imperfection
Dance my darling ... ] 2x
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Horepse Kardia Mou (Χόρεψε καρδιά μου)

Ποιος θεός σε έχει στείλει
να μου πάρεις τα μυαλά
που κρύβονταν τέτοια χείλη
που κρυβόταν τόση ομορφιά
Χόρεψε καρδιά μου
να σε καμαρώσω
κι όλα να στα δώσω


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