I don’t know (Je sais pas)

English translation

I don’t know

Divert the rivers, carry the weights
Cross the seas, I'll know how to do it
Challenge the machines, taunt the laws
God’s anger, I’m not afraid of it
I know how to take hit, and how to deliver one too
I have learned (how to) punch the nails
I’m not a victim, I’m not a dove
And to break me, it needs me to fall down
I know the winters, I know the cold
But I don’t know the life without you
I’ve known the silence for a long time
I know its violence, its taste of blood
Red angers, dark pains
I know these wars, I don’t fear them
I know how to defend myself, I’ve learned that
We're not tender/nice ones around here
Mais la vie sans toi, je sais pas
Fight after fight, worst after worst
Every minute, I believed I could hold on
I want to learn day by day
But who commands our loves?
Mais la vie sans toi, je sais pas
I don’t know
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Je sais pas

Détourner des rivières, porter des poids
Traverser des mers, je saurais faire
Défier des machines, narguer des lois
Les foudres divines, çà m’effraie pas
J’sais prendre un coup, le rendre aussi
River des clous, çà j’ai appris
J’suis pas victime, j’suis pas colombe


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The lyrics have been updated. Please check your translation. Thank you!