I don’t know


Je sais pas

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I don’t know

Divert the rivers, carry the weights
Cross the seas, I'll know how to do it
Challenge the machines, taunt the laws
God’s anger, I’m not afraid of it
I know how to take hit, and how to deliver one too
I have learned (how to) punch the nails
I’m not a victim, I’m not a dove
And to break me, it needs me to fall down
I know the winters, I know the cold
But I don’t know the life without you
I’ve known the silence for a long time
I know its violence, its taste of blood
Red angers, dark pains
I know these wars, I don’t fear them
I know how to defend myself, I’ve learned that
We're not tender/nice ones around here
Mais la vie sans toi, je sais pas
Fight after fight, worst after worst
Every minute, I believed I could hold on
I want to learn day by day
But who commands our loves?
Mais la vie sans toi, je sais pas
I don’t know

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licorna.din.vis     August 12th, 2013

The lyrics have been updated. Please check your translation. Thank you!