Je suis snob

English translation

Je suis snob

I'm a snob... I'm a snob
It's about the only fault I can stomach
It requires months of toil
It's the life of a galley-slave
But when I go out with Hildegarde
It's always me that they're looking at
I'm a snob... a frightful snob
All my friends are snobbish too
We're snobs and we know it

Organdie shirts, shoes made from zebu-hide
An Italian tie and a devilish moth-eaten suit
A ruby on the finger...of your foot, not that one!
Pitch-black nails and a pretty litte handkerchief
I go to the cinema to watch Swedish films
And nip into the cafe to drink whisky galore
I don't have indigestion, nobody does that anymore
I've got an ulcer, it's less common and it's dearer

I'm a snob... I'm a snob
My name's Patrick, but they call me Bob
I go horse-riding every morning
Because I love the smell of fresh manure
I only keep company with baronesses
With surnames like trombones
I'm a snob... an outrageous snob
And when I talk of love
It's stark-naked in the courtyard

We get together with our friends
Every Friday, where we snob it up in style
There's coke, we hate that
And camambert which we eat with a teaspoon
My apartment is truly charming
I heat it with diamonds, you couldn't wish for anything more smoking [fumant= smoky OR fantastic]
I had a TV, but found it tiresome
I've turned it round... from the back it's riveting

I'm snob... I'm a snob
I've been consumed by the bug
I have accidents in Jaguars
I spend the month of August in the sack
It's small details like that
That make you a snob or not
I'm a snob... Even more snobbish than 5 minutes ago
And when I die
I want a shroud from chez Dior

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Je suis snob

    June 18th, 2009

Thanks Birdman. Very nice translation.