Jovano, Jovanke [ Jovano, Jovanke (Јовано, Јованке) ]

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Jovano, Jovanke

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Jovano, Jovanke,
You sit by the Vardar, bleaching your white linen,
Bleaching your white linen, my dear,
Looking at the hills.
Jovano, Jovanke,
I'm waiting for you,
To come to my home,
And you don't come, my dear,
My heart, Jovano.
Jovano, Jovanke,
Your mother, doesn't let you,
(to)come with me, my dear,
My heart, Jovano.
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Jovano, Jovanke (Јовано, Јованке)

Јовано, Јованке,
Крај Вардарот седиш, мори
Бело платно белиш,
Бело платно белиш, душо
Сè нагоре гледаш. / x2
Јовано, Јованке,
Јас тебе те чекам, мори


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Linerva     October 7th, 2010

Nice translation Smile

I think it's worth adding that ''Jovano'' and ''Jovanke'' are both ways of addressing someone called ''Jovana'' (pronounced Yo-vana), a Slavic woman's name.