Kaizers Orchestra - 170



Relax, I'll soon be returning soon
You know I'll receive sufficient scholarship funding
Now I enlist as a voluntary soldier
When I leave, I'll be a father
It was night, turned into day and night again
I wrote letter after letter but none were ever returned
Half a year with shots and open wounds
Half a year, oh god, time passes so slowly
Thank god for the medical personnel
'Cause they sow together recruit and general
The day came, and I waited for the signal
I got my last order from the highest in command
And he yelled
170, go and see if the coast is clear
No, General, please don't make me
It's easy for you to send a volunteer soldier
But who will take care of my wife and child
170, is the coast clear, is the coast clear
170, I'm waiting for an answer
Submitted by E1K on Sun, 11/09/2011 - 20:45
Submitter's comments:

Some unknown person joins the army to receive a scholarship, and his wife is pregnant with a child at the same time. On his last day of serving the corps, he has one last order. He has to go ahead, and see if the coast is clear. The man dies doing this, and his wife and child are left alone.

Replaced "Bastard" on the album. The organ and banjo melody from the song is used in this. Stian Carstensen plays the banjo.

Любимая группа. Хочется просто граммотный перевод ее песен на русский язык.

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