Melancholy (Kara Sevda)

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I couldn't find road(way) on dead-end street
My eyes burnt, I couldn't cry
I have a melancholy
where are you, who are you with?
I couldn't ask
Where did it start? Where did it finish?
When I thought that we met(came together again), her/his yearning came
This is love's destiny, not mine
What else is it
Except seperation and tears?
I wasn't lucky about the love
I didn't have any friend except bad(friend)
you are gone too, you don't know
I have no strength
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Kara Sevda

Çıkmaz sokakta yol bulamadım
Gözlerim yandı ağlayamadım
Bir kara sevda vurdu başıma
Nerdesin sen, kimdesin sen
Ben soramadım
Nerde başladı nerede bitti
Kavuştum derken hasreti geldi


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Miley_Lovato     January 21st, 2012

the correct title is Black Love

dunkelheit     January 21st, 2012

And it stands for melancholy, not the colour..