Start Again lyrics

  • Artist: Kaskade (Ryan Gary Raddon)
  • Featuring artist: Becky Jean Williams
  • Album: Dynasty (2010)
  • Translations: Tongan

Start Again

It's my hope,
It's my fear,
It's my dream,
All my tears,
It's a start,
It's an end,
Then I start again,
I start again.


Feelings that I don't know
Mornings when I can't go
Like I've lost my way again
Then I stumble as I rise
If you look into my eyes,
There's a chance that you will get in.


The reason is a guess
The place where that is left
Vision's not just what I see
The world is on my side
The reason left to hide
The moments that it made me.

Hold my dreams,
my tears
It's the starting
Then I start again,
I start again

[Chorus] x 2

It's my hope

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