Punishment For The Insolents (Kazna za bezobrazne)

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Punishment For The Insolents

over these tears the sky is clear
because all the sadness has passed by
and now why that quarrel....
it's a punishment for the insolents
I can give you, but I won't give you
I can because I know you, but I don't wanna know you
I can everything with you but I won't, why not
I can tell you "yes" but I won't
you can be here, but you won't be here
you search for yourseld in vain, and you don't find yourself
you're not here, it's a punishment for the insolents
you found out, they told me
they told me,...
I don't listen to you
your promisses are empty
Submitted by velvet_sky on Tue, 27/01/2009 - 21:45

Kazna za bezobrazne

Iznad ovih suza nebo vedro je
jer sve su tuge prolazne
i što me ova svađa sad ne pogađa
to kazna je za bezobrazne


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