Fares Karam - Khetyaar 3al 3ekkaazeh (English translation)


Khetyaar 3al 3ekkaazeh

ضيق لبسك ما عندك أوسع منه
تلات ترباعه ولاد الحى فيكى جنوا
ختيار على العكازه عجنت عا باله الجازه
طفل اللى حاملته أمه يكاغى أسمك عا تمه
وجبتى خيه سحرتى بيه ودوبتى عمه
هاى دى اليك يقبرنى هاى دى يصفر ويغنى
وتلاميذ المدارس ولا واحد فيهم دارس
أنتى مرئتى سرئتى حرئتى الاخضر واليابس
غير تعملتى عشئك سير عا المفارق عا المفارق
عالم تسأل بوعدا مين يلا مارىء
بوليس اللى عا الاشاره ولعت بقلبه ناره
سياره تمشيهم عكس السير يوديهم
عم يطلع فيكى أنتى ومش سأل فيهم
واللى شعراته شايبه يتحسر عا شبابه
واللى من مرته خايف يعمل حاله مش شايف
قلبه دايب مثل الحمره اللى فوق الشفايف
تتمشى مثل الغزلان دادى دادى
ويزم عليكى الفسطه شويه زياده
وبخصرك لما تموجى مثل الطفل الغنوجى
خطيارى يجن جنونه ويدبلك بعيونه
أنا خايف يوقع عا الارض وعجازه يخونه
النسوان اللى حواليكى يحكوا بالامس عليكى
واللى تشوفك بباله تخبى منك رجاله
ورفئتها من غيرتها راح تقتل حاله
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Khetyar 3al 3ekaza

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Your clothes are tight, do you have anything looser
Three-fourths of all living men have gone nuts for you
The old man with his cane
Has marriage on his mind
The baby being carried by his mom
Has his name on your lips
You wowed my brother, put a spell on my father and made uncle melt
Some guys say bury me (yo2borni is a compliment not to literally bury someone lol)
Some guys whistle and sing
And the school students
None of them had studied
You passed by, stole the spotlight, and set the grass on fire
You passed and made a traffic jam on the intersection
The world is asking each other "who is this girl who just passed"
You set the police at the traffic light's heart on fire
He's sending the cars on the wrong side of the street
He's got his eyes on you and doesn't care about them
And the old men are missing their young days
And the guy's who are afraid of their wives pretend like they don't see
Their hearts are melting like the gloss atop your lips
You walk like a gazelle, slowly slowly
And the dress you're wearing lifts up a little
And with your hips when you wiggle like a moaning child
The old man is going crazy and he's flirting with you with his eyes
I'm scared he will fall on the floor and his cane will have betrayed him
The women around you talk about all your features
And the ones who see you in front of her are hiding their men from you
And her friend from all her jealousy is going to commit suicide
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