Courage of loving (Kouragio gia agapi)

English translation

Courage of loving

If I were on the other side of the world
would you wait for me to return?
If I would make a big mistake, would you forgive me
would you leave me
if I would have something that puzzled me , would you help me, or would you not have endured
and I would say to you that I love you, would you say to me that you love me?
do you have (the) courage of loving?
the strength of true love?
the reason (within?) for (me) to exist, to exist if you love me
Çarpıyor kalbim bir başka,
desen bana yar.
every time that I wanted to learn
if these thoughts were "carried out" to you
I closed the eyes (my eyes) and I dreamed of you
and I was (=taking) "grasping on" the pillow for your scent
(= I was putting ideas in my mind)
with only one "image" by the bed, and I played the same single question
(=if really you have ...)
(do you) have the courage for loving?
the strength for true love
the reason within which myself to exist, if you love me
Çarpıyor kalbim bir başka,
desen bana yar
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Kouragio gia agapi

An imouna stin alli meria tou kosmou
tha me perimenes gia na girisso?
An iha kani ena megalo lathos tha me sinhorouses,
tha m`afines!
an iha kati pou me provlimatize tha me voithouses, I den th' antehes?
ke an sou elega oti s`agapo, tha mou eleges oti m`agapas?
Ehis to kouragio gia agapi?


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