Who has seperated you from me (Kush Të Ndau Prej Meje)

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Who has seperated you from me

you had told me, that nothing in this world will take you away from me
but what about now? that i don't have you by my side
i don't know who to blame, now that you have left me with tearful eyes
maybe someday, you will understand
that this wasn't easy for me
it's difficult for me, when i'm here
and you are out in the diaspora (anywhere outside Albania)
this longing for you
is killing me
who seperated you from me(who took you away from me)
who filled your mind up (who made you believe)
that you could live without me
with a thousand wounds in your heart
the day you left
on that road of immigrating
it was the end for me
and for you, just the beginning
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Kush Të Ndau Prej Meje

Më ke thën se asgjë në ket bot
Prej meje s'të ndan
Por tani që afër s'të kam
Se di kush ka faj
Që mi le, sytë me vaj
Kush të ndau prej meje
Kush të mbushi mëndjen


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