La vie, L’amour (La vie, l'amour)

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La vie, L’amour

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life, life, is contained in love (or, somewhat more literally: you find it in love)
love, love, you loose it in life
life, life, you give it by love (by loving someone)
love, love, you take it (driven by) jealousy
life, life, dreams of love
love, love, wakens to life
for life is nothing but love
yes, life is love en love is life
no life without love, no love without life
our life for love, our love for life
my love, you are my life
life, life sings in love
love, love, screams in life
life, life gives us all of love
love, love, takes our whole life
life, life, it dies for love
love, love lives for life
it's love and it's life...
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La vie, l'amour

La vie, la vie ça se trouve dans l'amour.
L'amour, l'amour ça se perd dans la vie.
La vie, la vie ça se donne par l'amour.
L'amour, l'amour ça se prend par envie.
La vie, la vie ça rêve a l'amour.
L'amour, l'amour s'éveille a la vie,
Car la vie, mais c'est l'amour.


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