Goodbye (Gurbetqari Im)

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it is a moment that is
very difficult, you tell me
goodbye, you leave as
a wave of the sea
deserted foreign land
come closer, come closer now so we can be
together for this moment also
you are leaving and i am stuck here
but my love for you does not die
goodbye oh love
wipe my tears, tears in my eyes
goodbye my immigrant
without you i don't have festivities or happiness
it is a comment i have expected
for you to come to me with a ring one day
that's what we had wanted
and today you tell me
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Gurbetqari Im

Eshte moment shume i
veshtir kur po me thua
lamtumir po largohesh si
vale deti na ndan i
shkret gurbeti
Afrohu afrohu tash te jemi
bashk edhe ket cast


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