I would leave everything (Lo dejaría todo)

English translation

I would leave everything

I’ve tried almost everything to make up your mind,
while the world is falling down at my feet,
while I learn from this loneliness that I do not know,
I wonder again, will I survive maybe?
Because without you my conscience (mind) stays frozen and empty
Because without you, my love, I have realized that I won’t reborn again.
Because I have gone further than the limits of desolation
My body, my mind and my soul have no connection any longer
and I swear that
I would leave everything for you to stay, my faith, mi past, my religion
After all you are breaking our union leaving this heart of mine in pieces
I would also leave my skin, my name my strength and even my own life
Anyway I don’t care if I loose, if you have taken all my faith away,
What I wouldn’t leave
Your good things hurt me more when you are absent
I know it’s too late to find a solution
That it’s not in me to use a one hundred excuses
When I know now you are definitely leaving
Even when I tell you that am dying day by day
Even when you are also dying you will not forgive me
Even when without you I have come to the limit of desolation
My body, my mind and my soul have no longer any connection,
I keep on dying
Submitted by NARDY BERNAL on Tue, 09/12/2008 - 10:11

Lo dejaría todo

He intentado casi todo para convencerte,
Mientras el mundo se derrumba todo aquí a mis pies,
Mientras aprendo de esta soledad que desconozco,
Me vuelvo a preguntar quizás si sobreviviré,
Porque sin ti me queda la conciencia helada y vacía,
porque sin ti me he dado cuenta amor que no renaceré,
porque yo he ido mas allá del limite de la desolación,
mi cuerpo, mi mente y mi alma ya no tienen conexión


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