Lok auf zwei Beinen

Lok auf zwei Beinen

I run uphill, I roll downhill
Through wasteland and the city
Straight ahead, scratch my coating - jab jab
With the head through the wall until it breakes
Remain where you are, I'll get you there
I won't be played out even when infected with gout
I will go on until my feet are bleeding
I'll buy new boots within minutes like a woman

The pump is working, I have sore lungs
Hunger like a young dog, won't be sated
There are no doubts, I walk around them
I chase a phantom until I get it
After it in dipsy-doodle
I hardly sleep, eat dirt
See it at the corner - I am there, it's already gone again
A fat chicken in front of my nose, I'm pissed off
I want to have it, try my best

Something keeps me going
And sometimes I'm sick of it
It's twinging me day and night
The devil in the neck, who's snapping at me

The world has to change nothing can remain this way
I run through my life like a loco on two legs
A dog can't crow, a fish can't scream
And I can't remain still, I am a rolling stone

Hightech-boots from NASA
On my calves huge veins
On the glasses carcasses of flies
When I came from Paris to Dakar by foot

I am dirty, walk through a lake
I'm hungry and eat while walking
Drink an energy drink from the bottle
P*ss into the car - absolutely confident
I am on the run, on the chase
A badgered fox, all the time excited
It's like an addiction, I need it every day
I am a bus, my brake fails

Walk through walls, nothing is allowed to take time
Chew my nails, have ants in my pants
Have to leave, don't want to go stale
Women grieve, wear black clothes

The music is loud, I smell it from afar
Rum, smoke, women and soap
Three bouncers fall to the sides
Because I am getting into this club like on rails
I run around for ten rounds
I dance, the dancefloor falls apart
Girls in fine pumps stand in the debris
I carry them to the bar and we take a sip

I carry them on my back, dancing on the table
Spill all drinks, I am as wet as a fish
I run out at the backside, once around the house
And back inside at the front - I am nearly new again

The wheel must be turning so I am going crazy
I have to go all of them are going crazy

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Lok auf zwei Beinen

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