You're breaking my wings (Lomis mi krila)


Lomis mi krila

Lomis mi krila
ja jos visoko sunce pozdravljam
lomis mi krila
ja jos visoko ljubim andjela

Pokrij me za zvijezdama
pjesmo moje krvi
gdje da stih sad pronadjem
bio si mi prvi

Slomio si dan u milijun boja
siva, siva sad je moja
jer ja nisam vise tvoja

Tvoja ruka vrela preko moga tijela
tvoje oci nikada ne zaboravljam


Jer ti, ti me ne volis
o, ti, ti me ne volis

Submitted by lifted on Tue, 23/12/2008 - 15:12
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English translation

You're breaking my wings

You're breaking my wings
I still greet the high sun
you're breaking my wings
High, I still kiss an angel

Cover me with stars
The song of my blood
Where now to find a poem/verse
you were my first

You've broken a day in million colours
Grey, grey mine is now
cause i'm not yours anymore

Your warm hand over my body
I won't ever forget your eyes


Cause you, you don't love me
O, you, you don't love me

Submitted by NPazarka on Tue, 23/12/2008 - 15:12
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