Si avisse fatto a n'ato
chello ch'e fatto a mme
st'ommo t'avesse acciso,
tu vuò sapé pecché?
Pecché 'ncopp'a sta terra
femmene comme a te
non ce hanna sta pé n'ommo
onesto comme a me!...

Tu si na malafemmena
Chist'uocchie 'e fatto chiagnere..
Lacreme e 'nfamità.
Si tu peggio 'e na vipera,
m'e 'ntussecata l'anema,
nun pozzo cchiù campà.

Si ddoce comme 'o zucchero
però sta faccia d'angelo
te serve pe 'ngannà...

tu si 'a cchiù bella femmena,
te voglio bene e t'odio
nun te pozzo scurdà...

Te voglio ancora bene
Ma tu nun saie pecchè
pecchè l'unico ammore
si stata tu pe me...

E tu pe nu capriccio
tutto 'e distrutto,ojnè,
Ma Dio nun t'o perdone
chello ch'e fatto a mme!...

Submitted by honeythedog on Thu, 09/10/2008 - 21:00
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If I did to someone(????)
what she has done to me
this man would have killed you
do you want to know why?
because ... in this land
women like you
don't want to stay for a man
honest like me

you are a low-ethics woman
you made these eyes cry
tears and disgrace
you are worst that a viper
you have intossicated my soul
I can't live anymore

you are sweet as sugar
but this angel face
serves you to deceive

you are the most beautiful woman
I love you and I hate you
I can't forget you

I still love you
but you don't know why
why the only love
you where for me

you for a caprice/whim
everything is destroyed,...,
but God doesn't fogrive you
what you did to me

Submitted by tzina772000 on Thu, 09/10/2008 - 21:00
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Neapolitan → English - tzina772000
    March 12th, 2013

Mi dispiace dirlo, pero' questa versione e' da cancellare.
Primo - e' incompiuta, secondo - tradurre "malafemmena" come "low-ethics woman" e' inaccettabile.

evfokas     April 1st, 2013

I wouldn't pay attention to the previous comment. Low ethics woman captures the meaning of malafemmena but not the disposition, it's just like saying "you're a low ethics woman" instead of "you're a slut". My suggestion is foul woman or filthy woman.
To be honest the translation needs a little work, like first verse:
If you did to someone else
because in this world
shouldn't be there for a man