Maleesh ba3dak


Maleesh ba3dak


maleesh ba3dak balash bo3dak ya hagerni

w leih ya 7abibi tensaani w leih btezlemni

howa 3ashan ana 7abbeitak

tegra7 w tezlem feya

7araam 3alaik yekhreb beitak

3ally bte3mlou feya

w 3ashan khatri kallemni

w balash tgheeb 3annee

leih sayebni bnar

w leih tb2a de nehayti

enak tgheeb 3annee

msh da yb2a 7araam

meen 3azabek w gara7 albak betkhalasou feya

da ely 3amltou kteer feya ma tr7am ba2a shwaya

how 3ashan ana msh 2addak tegra7 te2si 3alaya

7abibi yekhreb bayt 3a2lak ma kfaya to2l 3alaya

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English translation

Maleesh ba3dak

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There is no one for me but you so don't leave me

And why do you forget me and blame me, dear

Is it because I loved you

That you hurt and blame me

That's so wrong damn you!

For all you're doing to me

And for my sake speak to me

And don't leave me

Why have you left me in the flame

Why is this my end?

You leaving me

Isn't that a sin?

Who tortured you and wounded your heart for you to take it out on me

What you've done to me has been to much, give it a break already

Is it because I am not as great as you that you're harsh to me

Sweety, damn your mind, enough being stubborn already

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