In this boat (Mes'afti ti varka)

English translation

In this boat

in this boat, I am on my own
and I have as my companion, an all-white bird
/ simadi rihno sto yalo, ma pos na sou to po
/ ise en' asteri makrino, ti nihta se filo
I want to plant a slender pine-tree
so that it may grow and I may relish it
/ simadi rihno ...
I net (entangle) my hair, with stars and rain
and in my dreams, I make a prayer
/ simadi rihno ...
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Mes'afti ti varka

Μες σ' αυτή τη βάρκα είμαι μοναχή
κι έχω συντροφιά μου κάτασπρο πουλί
I throw a sign at the seashore, but then how do I say it to you
you are a distant star, at night time I kiss you
Θέλω να φυτέψω πεύκο λυγερό
για να μεγαλώσει και να το χαρώ