I've Put Up With You (Mest7mlak Ana)

English translation

I've Put Up With You

I've let many things slide.. Kept quiet and not mentioned them
I stayed the mature one up until your harshness had become more
I've put up with you and let you taste happiness.. you take and do not give
The one who finds someone to spoil them is the one who does all the blame
Where is your affection for me, where? Who is ok with this kind of life?
Show me someone who gives for years and in the end is left with nothing
Days have made me harder, your picture I threw away, I will not go back to you
If there was some good in you.. Why would I throw you away.. I would have held on to you
How long have I made tens of excuses, oh no way
And you come back telling me to be patient again, no
You are selfish and don't deserve my tenderness
Go find another to live beside you
Submitted by Daydream on Wed, 31/12/2008 - 09:27

Mest7mlak Ana

Ma3ak 3adet 7agat Kteera..Sakta O Mesh Gayba Syra
5aletny Ana El-Kabera Le7d Ma Zad 3alya 2asak.. 2asak
Mest7mlak Ana O Medawa2k Hana.. Beta5od O Mabtedesh
Da Ele Yal2y El-Dal3 Ya3ml El-Beda3.. Yatmer3 O Ya3esh