My destiny [ Moira Mou (Μοίρα μου) ]

English translation

My destiny

How does our love looks like under the moonlight
What do the stars and God say about us
Tell me if the universe around us conspires again
On our favor or against us and tell me what do the birds say
What do they sing for us
If you’re my destiny tell me what will become of my wishes
It’s not enough my desire in order you to be here with me
It’s not enough world’s light in order you to shimmer in front of me
It’s not enough my desire in order you to be here with me
People that we met got lost in a moment (immediately)
They all scattered without reason
They were doing circles close to us and we do (circles) too
With or without reason, I don’t know if you say to me ‘I love you’
How much you mean it too
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Moira Mou (Μοίρα μου)

Πως φαίνεται η αγάπη μας στου φεγγαριού το φως
Τι λεν για μας τα άστρα κι ο θεός
Πες μου αν το σύμπαν γύρω μας συνωμοτεί ξανά
Υπέρ μας ή κατά και πες μου τι λένε τα πουλιά
Τι τραγουδούν αυτά για μας
Μοίρα μου αν είσαι πες μου τι θα γίνουν οι ευχές μου
Δεν αρκεί η θέληση μου για να είσαι εδώ μαζί μου


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