Moj Shehideee (Shehide)

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Moj Shehideee

heyyyyy oh Shehide cry with tears, do you remember when we played (with the) ball
oh do you remember when we played with the ball, and we'd throw sticks into the corn field
oh Shehide cry with tears, do you remember when we played ball
with the red ball, the plastic ball, through the fields of Uncle Sadik
Uncle Sadik is yelling, Shehidja ran and hide
look for Shehidja where did she hide (lit. get lost to)?
when she was on top of the wood/tree
a e man men kur lujshim me tope
neper arat e mixha Sadikut
Oh Shehide your mother said
that every day you’re going to the hay stacks (sana = hay)
when your going, your screaming
the whole village has understood
that tonight Leci has sent word
tomorrow night to go out with him
and to buy gum and candy
and again to go to the hay stacks
oh Shehide have you gone crazy? (lit. have your brains left you)
do you remember when we herded the pigs
do you remember when we played with the/in the mud
we threw sticks in the corn
Hey Besnik change it up a bit
oh Shehide cry with tears
do you remember Shehide when we played ball?
Shehidja and Leci went up the hill together
they didn’t know how good it is for their health
I started to suspect that the atmosphere had changed
Shehidja isn’t talking to Leci anymore
and for Leci it has becom disastrous (lit. kijameti is Judgment Day)
because Leci is going crazy thinking about Shehidja
Leci climed up the stairs
looking for another girl
the wood of the stair broke
and it fell ontop of Shehidja’s head
why did you hit me on the head?
do you just wanna show off?
cant you see that I want to get married with you
So goes this story of poor Leci
these two got married and had about 7 or 8 kids
the boyfriends got married and he really like his health
he’d come to the city and at home the poor (wife) would work
a e man men kur lujshim me top
neper arat e mixha sadikut
a e man men kur I rujshim dhet
gjujshim shtagen nkallamoq
a e man men shehide kur lujshim me topeee
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Dhe Beka
Heeeej, oj Shehide o kaj me lot e
A man n’men kur o lujshim me top e
O a man n’men o kur lujshim me top e


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