My essential (Mon Essentiel)

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My essential

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I know your love
I know the water that is spilled on my body
Feel one's body day after day
I raised the tortures to approach further
I have your desire fixed to mine
I have your desire fixed to my ankles
Come, nothing binds us on nothing
Everything is just up to us
I make you my essential
You make me get born between humans
I make you my essential
The one I would love more than anyone
If you want that we learn about each other
If you want that we learn about each other
You know my love
You know the words under my silence
Which are admited, covered and discovered
I can offer you my beliefs
To conjure the absence
I have the future engraved in your hand
I have the future traced like you write it
Take it, nothing brings us further
As a geste that comes back
Tu me fais naître parmi les hommes
Celle que j'aimerais plus que personne
Si tu veux qu'on s'apprenne
Si tu veux qu'on s'apprenne...
I will make of you my essential
My essential
If you want that we learn from each other
That we belong to each other
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Mon Essentiel

Je sais ton amour
Je sais l'eau versée sur mon corps
Sentir son cou jour après jour
J'ai remonté les tourments pour m'approcher encore
J'ai ton désir ancré sur le mien
J'ai ton désir ancré à mes chevilles
Viens, rien ne nous retient à rien
Tout ne tient qu'a nous


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