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Red Square was white
The snow made a carpet
And I followed, through this cold Sunday

She spoke in serious phrases
Of the October Revolution
Meanwhile, I was thinking
That after Lenin’s tomb
We would go to the Pushkin cafe
To drink chocolate

Red Square was empty
I caught her by her arm, I smiled at her
She had blonde hair, my guide

In their apartment at the university
A gang of students
Were impatiently expectant
We joked and laughed a lot
They wanted to know everything
Nathalie translated

Moscow, the plains of the Kremlin
And the Champs Elysees
We got them all mixed up
And we sang
And then they were opening-
And we were laughing in anticipation of it-
Some French Champagne
And we danced

And when the flat was empty
All the friends were departed
I was left with just my guide

No more questions, sober phrases
Nor October Revolution
I am no longer there with her
Finished, Lenin’s tomb
The chocolate in ‘Pushkin’
It is- it was- long before

As my life seems empty to me
Still I know that one day in Paris
It is I who will serve as her guide

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