now that you’re gone (Ngayong Wala Ka Na)

English translation

now that you’re gone

our memories
won’t gone in my mind
I always remember with all my heart
that I love you
why did you leave me alone
now that your gone
my heart is crying and suffering
now that you leave me
my heart shout that I still love you
every moment with you
all my dreams come true
because of you
but now, all had gone
but I’m still here begging you
[Repeat chorus]
time of non stop happiness
because I’m with you
but I haven’t though that you will leave me
how am I now that your gone
[Repeat chorus 2x]
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Tagalog (dialects)

Ngayong Wala Ka Na

Ala-ala nating dalawa
Sa isip ko’y di mawala
Tanda-tanda ko pa na buong puso,
minahal kita
Bakit ba iniwan mong nag-iisa
Ngayon wala ka na


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