Alligator sky (Regular version) lyrics


Alligator sky (Regular version)

Where was I when the rockets came to life
And carried you away into the alligator sky?
Even though I'll never know what's up ahead
I'm never lettin' go
I'm never lettin' go

Remember to breathe
'Cause it'll take your breath away
When the engines cough, and you blast off
Ignite the night with a firecracker flash

Remember to live
'Cause you're gonna be thrilled to death
When the stars collide and your eyes grow wide
Take it in with your breath against the glass

Remember to dream
'Cause it's gonna be a starry night
Over every town, if you look down
So harmonize with the singing satellites

And remember to scream
'Cause you're gonna be lost for words,
When the sparks erupt and they light you up
Dip your toes in the galaxy
'Cause it's yours to explore tonight


Roller coaster through the atmosphere
I'm drowning in this starry serenade
Where ecstasy becomes cavalier
My imagination's taking me away
Reverie whispered in my ear
I'm scared to death that I'll never be afraid
Roller coaster through the atmosphere
My imagination's taking me away

Let's hear it for the universe
Where it never hurts
Diving in head-first
Take a taste of the melting Milky Way
And remember to laugh
'Cause you're living in a crazy world
Where you'll never guess what could happen next
Give the outer limits my regards
As you float to fly away

(Chorus x2)

In the alligator sky
In the alligator sky
In the alligator sky

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