song about friend [ Pesnya o druge (Песня о друге) ]

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song about friend

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if friend is closin to u on a sudden
and not a friend,not enemy,just like this
if u dont understand in that momet
does he good or bad-
take him with u in mountains-take a risk!
dont leave him alone
let him be together with u
there ull understand who is he
if guy afraid of mountains
if imidiatelly gave up and pulled down
took one step and afraided
missteped and screamed
it means he's stranger to u
dont yell at him,let him go
person like this dont take in mountains and here
dont sing about them
if he didnt whimper,mewl
even that he was angry but went on
and when u felt down from mountains
he moaned but holded
if went for u like in battle
stood on top of mountain drunken
it means like for urself
u can trust him
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Pesnya o druge (Песня о друге)

Если друг оказался вдруг
И не друг, и не враг, а - так,
Если сразу не разберешь,
Плох он или хорош,-
Парня в горы тяни - рискни!
Не бросай одного его,
Пусть он в связке в одной с тобой -
Там поймешь, кто такой.


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diken0     March 7th, 2016

"2 - very bad. It has some sense along with lots of syntax and grammatical errors."

Hansi K_Lauer     March 8th, 2016

Version #2 seems to be better, though