Que alguien me diga

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Que alguien me diga

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the days are passing
and I'm feeling
without giving you a kiss
like one more

every morning
i'm trying
to forget you
but it's not working

your memory strikes me
here in the heart
every time I'm careless

like a hiden hunter
it's following me through
all this lonelyness

when I'm thinking that at last
at last I forgot you
and that I'm going to fall in love

it appears from nowhere
your memory and I'm a nobody

somebody tell me
how can be forgotten
how it's pulled out forever
a love from the heart
somebody help me
it's urgent

I'm searching through people
someone who can take away this pain
i'm searching for someone who
forever would want
to accept me truthfull
like I am

that someone to
give me his sweetness
whoever he is to come at me please

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Que alguien me diga

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