why did u come back? (Rag3li leeh)

English translation

why did u come back?

u ... again?
u want my love?
u came back for me?
{means in arabic} don't lie
i'm not ur lover
{means} u want us to repeat this bad memories again
who will believe u again?
after u have challenged me?
and now u are begging me?
tell me what can i do for u now?
if u were in my shoes
would u wait for me?
after ur heart left me in pain?
tell me why did u come back?
u have lost
ur best thing
which is ur tenderness
may god forgive u
and may he will cure my wound
and may he will send u another good love
Submitted by Guest on Thu, 15/01/2009 - 20:01

Rag3li leeh

howa enta tany?
3ayez 7anany?
rag3 3ashany?!
ya 3am sebak