why did u come back?


Rag3li leeh

howa enta tany?

3ayez 7anany?

rag3 3ashany?!

ya 3am sebak

ana msh 7abibak

7an3edo tany

tb meen ya2mnlek tany?

b3d ma kont betet7adany

gai delw2ty betetrgany?

tb 2oli 2a3melk eh

tb shof law kont makany

kont 7at2der testanany?

b3d ma 2albk ra7 w ramany?

mat2oli rag3ali leeh?

da3 men 2edek

a7la ma feek

tebet 3enek

allah yasm7ak

w yadawy gar7ak

ya3wad 3alik

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English translation

why did u come back?

u ... again?

u want my love?

u came back for me?

{means in arabic} don't lie

i'm not ur lover

{means} u want us to repeat this bad memories again

who will believe u again?

after u have challenged me?

and now u are begging me?

tell me what can i do for u now?

if u were in my shoes

would u wait for me?

after ur heart left me in pain?

tell me why did u come back?

u have lost

ur best thing

which is ur tenderness

may god forgive u

and may he will cure my wound

and may he will send u another good love

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