The Dead (Rahmetli)

English translation

The Dead

Stop, It's red light.
Where are you going you think?
The door are closed for you anymore.
How do you dare to come?
I can't mourn by wearing black clothes.
Black doesn't suit on me.
I can't give up pink, purple.
You're dead for me.
Ohh, how can I tell?
Ohh, how can I say?
You're dead anymore, goodbye darling.
Rest in peace.
Don't look back.
Don't think of me.
Be in peace and relax.
Push the door of heaven,
But I don't think that you'll come in.
Rahmetli is a word that we use it for dead people.
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Dur bakal?m k?rm?z? yan?yor
Nereye gittigini san?yorsun
Kapand? kap?lar art?k sana
Hala ne yuzle geliyorsun
Karalar? baglay?p yas tutamam
Siyah? kendime hic yak?st?ramam
Pembeleri morlar? k?zd?ramam