Saiyan (सैयां)

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I don’t wish for riches
I wish only for your love
I’m yours, dear
you’re mine....saiyyan ... saiyyan (dear)
If you touch me
i can die in peace in love
Dear, come into my arms
I long to melt within you
I wish ... I could lose myself in your entirety
saiyyan ... saiyyan
my days are lively with joy- my nights sing
they make me lost every passing moment
I’ve lost myself as I win you
Now I live just for you
I wish I could look at you forever
I wish I could worship your image
All my relations begin with you
saiyyan ... saiyyan
I wish I could fall upon your body like a garland
I wish I could sail in love
Across the universe
I wish I could sail through this life in your love…
saiyyan ... saiyyan
This is soft warm addiction… and it keeps on rising
I wish you could wake me like never
My heart has now known madness
My world has lighted up
Like a new bride
I’ve become yours, my love
As you adorn my temple with your love
saiyyan ... saiyyan
I don’t wish for riches
I want you-
I don’t know anything more
perhaps, you know…
I just know that I’m all yours-
And that you’re mine…
I just know that I’m all yours,
And you’re mine.
I know I’m all yours
And you’re mine, only mine…
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हीरे मोती मैं ना चाहूँ
मैं तो चाहूँ संगम तेरा
मैं तो तेरी, सैयां तू है मेरा,
तू जो, छू ले, प्यार से आराम से मर जाऊं
आजा, चंदा, बाहों में तुमें ही गुम हो जाऊं मैं,
तेरे नाम में खो जाऊं


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