Saiyan (सैयां)

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I don’t wish for riches
I wish only for your love
I’m yours, dear
you’re mine....saiyyan ... saiyyan (dear)
If you touch me
i can die in peace in love
Dear, come into my arms
I long to melt within you
I wish ... I could lose myself in your entirety
saiyyan ... saiyyan
my days are lively with joy- my nights sing
they make me lost every passing moment
I’ve lost myself as I win you
Now I live just for you
I wish I could look at you forever
I wish I could worship your image
All my relations begin with you
saiyyan ... saiyyan
I wish I could fall upon your body like a garland
I wish I could sail in love
Across the universe
I wish I could sail through this life in your love…
saiyyan ... saiyyan
This is soft warm addiction… and it keeps on rising
I wish you could wake me like never
My heart has now known madness
My world has lighted up
Like a new bride
I’ve become yours, my love
As you adorn my temple with your love
saiyyan ... saiyyan
I don’t wish for riches
I want you-
I don’t know anything more
perhaps, you know…
I just know that I’m all yours-
And that you’re mine…
I just know that I’m all yours,
And you’re mine.
I know I’m all yours
And you’re mine, only mine…
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हीरे मोती मैं ना चाहूँ
मैं तो चाहूँ संगम तेरा
मैं तो तेरी, सैयां तू है मेरा,


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