I love you


seni seviyorum

Suya hasret toprak gibi
Gunler sayan tutsak gibi
Bir degil bin mecnun gibi
Gulum seni seviyorum

Yagmur olup yagmasan da
Gunes olup dogmasan da
Aray?p da sormasan da
Yarim seni seviyorum

Can?m sana muhtac diye
Kul olmusum bu sevgiye
Derdime son care diye
Gulum seni seviyorum

Try to align

I love you

Like a soil, missing the water
A day-counting captive
Not like one, but thousands of quixotics
My rose, I love you

Even if you became the rain and wouldn't rain
Even if you'd become the sun and wouldn't rise
If you'd not look for me/ask for me
My love, I'd love you

Because my life needs you
I got a slave to this love
Solely the last solution for my problem
My rose, I love you

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