Shater Shater (Shater Shater | شاطر شاطر)

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Shater Shater

the one that obeys his parents,what do we call him (smart smart)
and the one that stays quite alone what do we call him(smart smart)
yally beynga7 bemadrasto we ma be3azeb mo3almto
w mn7bo we bndal n2ello (shater shater)
yally besa3ed ref2ato sho mn2ello (shater shater)
yally mabekzeb behayato sho mn2ello (shater shater)
yally mabyeksar al3abo sho mn2ello (shater shater)
webyakol we mabyegy teyabo sho mn2ello (shater shater)
the one that helps his friends
and the one that doens't lie in his life
we love him and we keep calling him (smart smart)
you're smart ... i'm smart
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Shater Shater | شاطر شاطر

يللي بيسمع كلمة اهلو
شو منقلو
شاطر شاطر
يللي بيقعد عاقل وحدو
شو منقلو
شاطر شاطر
يللي بينجح بمدرستو
و ما بيزعل معلمتو


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