Jasna Zlokić - Skitnica (English translation)

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float moon above the city losting in the night
Beneath window leaves whisper, while your hands kissing me (touching me)Sve je tako nezno, lepo, blagi dani, bistre zore
Ti me diras, ti me ljubis a ja sanjam kolodvore
because i am tramp (wanderer) don't hold me the spot
because i am tramp (wanderer) i run away often
because i am tramp (wanderer) long distance attract me
I love more wind (i am restless) than peaceful harbour (simbol for settle down)
white ship flow down the river across city cloud float
While you are touching me, while you are kissing me, i watch trees acroos the road
Everything is really nice (and) warm, love, full of feelings
You are searching from me harbour (to settle down) , but I search journeys
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