Tonight (Sonte)

English translation


8 years ive stayed punished beside you
you never saw a thing
my soul cried, but i never complained
i fell victim of your fun/game?
Why dont you speak to me. You look down and dont say a thing
Pse m'bërtet. Dashuria ku mbet
Vrave një jetë!
Tonight, ive ended everything with you
Tonight you accepeted you dont love me
Tonight, 8 years of my life youve denied
Tonight a female will curse you
I curse my self why my eyes are closed / why i closed my eyes
ive lied (to myselfe) that everything was going fine
so many times ive wanted but never asked
why when i kiss you, you pull your head away
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8 vjetë unë pran teje kam qenë e dënuar
asnjëherë asgjë ti s'ke pa,
Shpirti qante, por unë kurrë nuk jam ankuar
viktimë e një qejfi kam ra.


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