Strani amori

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Strani amori

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I am sorry but I have to go away

But I knew that it was a lie

How much time I have lost behind him

who promises but then never changes

Strange loves that give us problems

But in reality it us who are the problem

And you wait for him to call

Getting angry with others for the phone to be available

With an aking heart

An elbow in a corner

There alone you shiver

Because he is not there, and these are

Strange loves that make us grow

and crying between tears

How many pages, you could write

Aking dreams to share

These are loves that at this age

Are mixing each other inside this soul

That make questions without beeing able to decide

If it is a love that is right for us

And how many nights lost crying

Reading those letters

that you are not able to throw away

From the labirinth of nostalgy

Great loves that end

But why do they stay in the heart

Strange loves that come and go

In thoughts that hide them´

true stories that are part of us

But that leave each other like us

Stranges and weak loves

free prisonners we are

Strange loves that give us problems

But in reality it us who create the problems

Strani amore che spesso a questa età
Strani amori che mettono nei guai
Strani amori che vanno e vengono

Prigioneri liberi
E si perdono dentro noi

I am sorry I have to go away

This time I have promised it to myself

Because I want a real love

Without you

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Strani amori

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    March 5th, 2009

I'm italian and these translations are very wrong. You can't translate a song with an online translator from italian to english, its not the same. You have to understand the language. Just like english, you can say 2 similar things and they mean the complete opposite of each other.

fotokioto     March 5th, 2009

Bad translation is good reason to vote down and submit the better one using link "Add another translation »"!

I can't do it because can't speak italian Sad