please stop crying (Tahan Na)

English translation

please stop crying

I only treat you as a friend
I though you do the same way
Why did you hide it before?
before where always together
where chit-chatting all night
until the morning comes
now I’m laughing alone
please stop crying.. Stop already
tomorrow had pass
please stop crying.. There’s nothing already…
it was wash away by yesterday
now there’s nothing, alone
our world might turn
this heart of mine is imprison
not for long we see each other
you transfer but its like your very far
one look. One smile
your lips is dried out
its like there’s nothing happen yet
there is someone asking if we were before
she introduce herself as your..
enough already…
.tommorow had past
please stop crying.. theres nothing already
it was wash away by yesterday
now that your loving someone
our world might turn
but my heart is imprison
but my heart is imprison
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Tagalog (dialects)

Tahan Na

Kaibigan lang ang turing ko sa 'yo.
Akala ko ganun din ang tingin mo sa akin.
Bakit ba nilihim mo noon?
Dati-rati'y palagi pang magkasama tayo.


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