Taxi man (Taksixhiu)



ne rrug te madhe kam mbetur ne halle
ku taksixhiu me thret e me thot
"ti ja te lutem" dhe me merr bagazhet
por cilin vend ti zdo te rri ti qe te shkosh
ky taksixhiu i nderuar
ate qe kisha me mbaroj
per taksixhiun i nderuar
kete keng te bukur po e kendoj
mbi kater rota qendron taksixhiu
makina e ti neper rrug fluturon
ne vendin tim taksixhiu do shkoji
me kenaqesi bakshishin une po ja dhuroj
Submitted by Balkaneuro on Tue, 02/12/2008 - 15:23
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Taxi man

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i was making my way on my date, (lit. "the girl" but he means his girl friend) was waiting for me
i was getting late, walking, my heart was pounding
i was walking on the road, but it was useless
i called the taxi man, to bring me
"get a move on" taximan, my girls waiting for me in the rain
give it some gas, and go faster, "the time is ticking away"
when the girl saw me, she stood (amazed)
she was wet from the rain, and she threw her arms around me
dates are beautiful when it's right
if you are late, if you make mistakes, you could guess how the date will be
Submitted by Balkaneuro on Tue, 02/12/2008 - 15:23
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